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WYKO NT 8000 Optical Surface Profiler

AOS’s optical surface profiler has a vertical resolution of 1.6 angstroms and a sample / data stitching area of up to 300 mm x 300 mm. The lateral resolution varies with magnification (2.5x to 75x) but is about 1-2 microns at 75x. This system is very useful for surface quality measurements over relatively large areas and can handle a variety of materials including metals, glass, and plastics. Maximum vertical step is ~ 8 mm.

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Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM)

AOS’s FEI XL30 ESEM is a variable-pressure SEM which allows for a relatively low vacuum near the sample. Therefore, non-conductive samples can be imaged without adding conductive coatings, such as gold or carbon, while avoiding surface charge build-up and associated e-beam image distortions.

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Atomic Probe Microscope (APM)

AOS’s Veeco di-Innova APM is equipped with both mechanical contact and tunneling probes. The noise floor on this system is measured to be ~ 0.25 angstrom and is therefore capable of atomic resolution. This system is useful for high resolution surface texture and materials information. The system is equipped with a large area scanner capable of 90 μm x 90 μm coverage and sample size up to 45 mm in diameter.

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